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Aircraft Spray Painters

Application to:
Assist Production Managers/Team Leaders in the preparation and painting of aircraft, in line with customer requirements.
• Maintain all aircraft and components for which the company is responsible, in a serviceable and airworthy condition by performing all maintenance tasks assigned to you, including but not limited to:
Docking of aircraft
 Aircraft damage inspection
 Paint inspection after input
 Water washing aircraft
 Masking of surfaces
 Removal of existing paint schemes (Stripping, Sanding, Solvent Cleaning, Sealant removal/application)
 Defect rectification
 Paint application
 Polishing
 Livery Application
 Tech markings Application
 Movement of flight controls
 Final completion check
 Customer Inspection
 Aircraft Departure
• Compliance with policies and procedures as outlined by the company and the appropriate regulatory body.
• Advise your Manager/Team Leader of any problems arising in a timely manner.
• Ensure all tools, test equipment and aircraft maintenance equipment are maintained in a clean and serviceable condition and where appropriate are returned to the tool stores after use.
• Ensure that all allocated documentation applicable to aircraft on layover and its associated equipment is completed as soon as the appropriate tasks have been completed within the scope of authorization issued.
• Maintain accurate and complete time records as applicable to allocated tasks.
• Promote good relations with other personnel and the customer in order to enhance productivity and the image of the company.
• Ensure all work and rest areas are maintained in a clean and tidy condition.
• Strict adherence to the company health and safety policy.
• Contribute with ideas to work processes in order to improve/optimize efficiency, quality and ground time.
• Any other reasonable tasks or duties allocated to you by the company from time to time.

Other Requirements:
•    Previous experience in spray painting large equipment, commercial vehicles, boats, panel beating, motor mechanics.
Minimum of 6 months experience as spray painting or varnishing or similar field such as sanding priming and prepping.

•    Full training will be provided.
•    EU Passport Holders /Permission to work in Ireland

There are 10 positions available for this role in Dublin Airport Facility.
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