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Clinical Manager Level 3 (CNM 3)

The CNM3 is a key member of the Directorate Management Team supporting the Directorate Nurse Manager in providing clinical and operational leadership to support clinical nurse managers and nursing teams in providing the highest possible quality of care.

The post-holder will:
1.Work as a CNM III in the directorate leading nursing in areas of professional practice, standards and quality of care, staffing, manpower and personnel management

Work with the Directorate Management Team and the Directorate Nurse Manager on priority initiatives within the directorate.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

A. Operational Management:

i. To promote quality of service delivery, ensuring effective patient care, research, training and development within the Directorate.

ii. To promote the development and maintenance of high standards of care and that the care offered is family centred, sensitive and responsive to service users.

iii. The CNM III will actively participate in service development initiatives within the directorate and work with the directorate management team to plan at a strategic and local level. Core elements of this process will involve:

· Planning the delivery of services by accurately estimating the needs of the Directorate and prioritising resources appropriately.

· Assist in the development of short, mid and long term strategic plans for the Directorate.

· Maintain smooth running of the Directorate to incorporate service planning for routine and emergency operational needs.

· Promote the effective and efficient delivery of services to patients and hospital staff.

· Continuously monitor and improve upon the services delivered.

· Monitor service objectives, to ensure that the quality of the service is congruent with the resources


iv. To ensure effective working practices with other Directorates and the hospital departments and healthcare agencies to maximise the delivery of a seamless service
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