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Paediatric Staff Nurse

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

1. To maintain a high standard of nursing care.

2. To develop clinical expertise, leadership and teaching skills through nursing practice.

3. To share responsibility with the team for the management of nursing care and the patients environment under the direction of the Clinical Nurse Manager/Charge Nurse.

4. To maintain a high standard of professional and ethical responsibility.

5. To ensure safe discharge and transit of patients through the unit.


To provide and maintain effective, individualised nursing care by:-

1. Assessing (with the patients where possible) physical, psychological and social problems and the need for nursing intervention.

2. Preparing and up-dating the documentation within a nursing framework to include treatment delegated by medical staff.

3. Continuing the care provided at ward level to ensure safe discharge of patients to their home or care facility.

4. Acting as team leader in giving skilled nursing care and treatments for the patients using the unit.

5. Planning the involvement of the patient’s relatives, teaching and supervising nursing techniques in preparation for the transfer home.

6. Actively promote the transit care unit to ward staff and medical colleagues.


a) Assessment

1. Utilises assessment skills and techniques to determine patient transferred to the unit.

2. Completes and documents the nursing admission assessment in a thorough and accurate manner.

2. Assesses patient condition on an ongoing basis.

4. Assesses the need for patient/family instruction.

b) Planning

1. Develops and documents a plan of care based on patient needs.

2. Develops patient teaching and discharge plans as necessary based on their current needs.

3. Collaborates with other health team members in planning care to expedite discharge safely.

c) Implementation

1. Provides safe, comprehensive nursing care to a caseload of patients and within the guidelines laid out by NMBI.

2. Knows and practices according to established legal requirements, policy and procedures.

3. Establishes care priorities based on nursing/medical patient problems.

4. Performs procedures accurately, completely and safely.

5. Provides care with minimal supervision in a timely manner.

6. Maintains a safe environment for patients.

7. Respects the dignity and confidentiality of patients, serving as an advocate as necessary.

8. Functions quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.

9. Adapts to changing workload.

10. Deals with ward incidents and accidents in accordance with hospital policy. Accurately record and report detail.

d) Evaluation

1. Contributes to nursing quality assurance by assisting in the identification of recurrent

nursing problems and co-operating in data collection.


1. Documents according to policy and procedure.

2. Reports verbally and in writing pertinent patient care information to appropriate nursing/medical personnel.

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